BECKER Monoplan Mobile Partition Wall Systems, which offer various solutions for more efficient use of space, provide excellent sound insulation between the spaces created.

The perfect solution for space usage and partitioning and where you can differentiate in every area needed: BECKER Monoplan Mobile Partition Wall Systems!

BECKER Monoplan Mobile Partition Wall Systems will be one of the most enjoyable solution products of your project with rich surface options that fit the space and fit the living space design you want to create, such as wood veneer, melamine, vinyl, carpet, mirror, steel, wallpaper and glass.

BECKER Monoplan Mobile Partition Wall Systems, offering the possibility of partitioning the space in a single movement, provide a silent and smooth operation with its advanced technology mechanism which is the result of perfectionist German engineering.

It provides perfect integration between the carrier rail profile and the suspended ceiling by painting the suspended ceiling transition profiles in the desired colors.

The high standard and quality of each accessory, which forms the details of Monoplan movable partition walls, is reflected in the overall and excellence of the system.

The semi-automatic system offered in BECKER Monoplan mobile partition wall systems save workforce, while eliminate the operating errors with high precision.

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