With Our Unique Door Models
We Are Renewing The Trends In Interior Design

Aluminum telescopic door frames meet different wing options such as transparent glass, enamel painted glass, laminate, natural wood coating in order to meet constantly changing architectural needs.

Cross is an excellent LotusDoor product that supports the design in your mind with the unusual slim design, telescopic feature to match various wall thicknesses, special pivot hinge system, color options that add difference to architectural design and with special wick detail providing sound insulations.

Zoom is a door solution that adds value to the space with its simple door design, curved edge details, adaptation to any wall and space, special pivot hinge system, telescopic feature that allows to adapt to various wall thicknesses, and color options that add difference to architectural design.

In addition to its innovative features, Link continues to have the traditional features of LotusDoor, such as the high-strength pivot hinge on all our doors, the special roving design that touches every point of the leaf, the high-quality aluminum profiles and the workmanship.

Notte is the perfect LotusDoor product that supports the design in your mind with its slim design, special pivot hinge system, color options that differentiate architectural design, special wick detail providing sound insulation.

Modular Partition Wall Systems

With Modular Glass Partition Wall systems, we enable you to use the existing areas in a more spacious and efficient way in indoor office designs.

Single Glazed

Notte Partition Wall System is offered for designers's evaluation without vertical profile with different glass and wood options. Single-glazed modules are optionally combined with tempered or laminated glass options by means of a special silicone-based wick, wood modules can be applied as laminate, natural veneer or melamine veneer.

Double Glazed, Jalousie

Notte D differs from the existing double glazed partition systems with its slim design and offers different design features that modern architecture needs. Notte D meets the ideal sound insulation and safety requirements of your modern spaces by means of the mono block feature of the glass modules and the use of tempered glass and the high strength.

Double Glazed, Strong Sound Insulation

Notte F, supports the sense of transparency with its minimal structure which does not have a vertical profile; On the other hand, it offers high sound insulation performance with 10 mm thick tempered glass on both sides.


A perfect solution to show your difference in space usage and partitioning and in every area needed:
BECKER Monoplan Mobile Partition Wall Systems!