We believe that the basic requirement of uniqueness in architecture is new products and solutions

Since its foundation in 2006, LOTUSDOOR is proud of its different and various levels of contribution to modern architecture.

The doors and partition wall systems, which is produced today under the LOTUSDOOR brand, meet the differentiated needs of both designers and investors in domestic and foreign markets.

The LOTUSDOOR's contribution to the project starts at the design stage. To be at the design stage, where ideas and dreams are blended, is the most valuable moment where a solution partner's will reflect its ability, knowledge and experience.

The products we produce:

  • Doors
  • Glass Leaf
  • Door Frames
  • Laminated Door
  • Telescopic Door Frames
  • Adjustable Door Frames
  • Glass Partition Wall
  • modular And Single Glazed Partition Walls
  • Jalousie Partition Wall
  • Office Partitions
  • Office Separators

LotusDoor offers you the new generation Aluminum Framed Glazed and Wooden Doors, Modular Partition Wall systems and Movable Partition Wall products with unique details, where modern life and architectural design reunites with quality and functionality.

Aluminum telescopic door frames meet different leaf options such as transparent glass, enamel painted glass, laminate, natural wood coating in order to meet modern trends of interior architectural needs.

LotusDoor products, which can also provide full integration with the Modular Glazed Partition Wall Systems called Notte, can be used in the same space with the aluminum door frames and aluminum telescopic door systems, as part of the same architectural line.

Modular and Sliding Folding Movable Partition Wall Systems contribute to the definition of architectural volumes and loading of different functions to the space.

In this sense, Wood and Glass Modular Partition Wall Modules are designed in accordance with your architectural needs, together with Aluminum Cased Glass and Wooden Doors, they will help you to create modern spaces.